Coffee and Doughnuts


Last week while we were in Tulsa, Matt decided to tackle a recipe from the French Laundry cookbook. Chef Thomas Keller is known for naming extraordinary dishes after common cuisine. For instance, his “Macaroni and Cheese” is really butter-poached Maine lobster with creamy lobster broth and mascarpone-enriched orzo pasta. So when Matt decided on the Coffee and Doughnuts, we knew some of the ingredients would be hard to find. The “coffee” of the coffee and donuts is really a cappuccino semifreddo. Which means the most luscious coffee mousse, half frozen, with hot milk frothed and dolloped on top. The steamed milk makes the mousse melt a bit and the result is a silky espresso flavored cream.


The doughnuts were left to rise until fluffy and huge, and then fried for just a few seconds in vegetable oil. Apparently the smell of hot grease is unnerving to a Yorkshire Terrier. The oil began to smoke, which sent Matt’s dad’s dog into a violent shake until the smoke cleared. What a weenie.

Anyway, needless to say, good recipes hold up. Even with our not-as-California-as-we’d-like ingredients, our doughnuts still turned out magnificently fluffy with a perfect cinnamon-sugar crunch. The espresso mousse was the sexiest thing I’d eaten in a while and even the not-so-adventurous eaters in the house loved how it all turned out. Success! I love my husband. 🙂

Not exactly demitasse cups, but they worked!

The Not-So-Adventurous Eater:
not a fan of the coffee, but a definite fan of the doughnut

whatever – like anyone would really leave a bite behind.



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2 responses to “Coffee and Doughnuts

  1. Libby

    I’ll take that leftover bite, thank you very much! Kudos to Matt, I am very impressed!!

  2. If I had a box of those doughnuts, I would hide in a closet somewhere and eat every one of them by myself! Never, never make those doughnuts for me! 🙂 You and Matt are amazing with your food creations. One of the pictures does not come up when I log on. It has a number, but no image. The number is: dsc-0275
    Happy cooking!

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