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8 Things


I NEVER do these things. Ever. NeverEverEver. It is only because of Libby, whose blog I read, that I will do this. I enjoyed reading hers and Allyson’s and Tiffany’s so here goes.

1. Even though I am a complete food-nut and scoff at people with “ick” factors about certain foods (I mean really, get over it, it’s just an onion), I simply get completely grossed out if I have a fried egg and part of the white is still gloppy and raw. It is so horrendous, I can’t even properly explain how I feel when I see it.

2. For those of you who know about this, I am now officially the cook for C.A. Thursday Lunches. I love food, I volunteered to do it, and now I cook for 40+ every week.

3. I can pick blemishes/dry skin/pores at my face/arms/neck for literally hours. It is bad. I pick at Matt, too. He can’t escape. It’s a gross fascination, but I have it. Hello, my name is Alisa and I’m a picker.

4. I am quite the Harry Potter fan, now.  I feel I need to mention this because before August, I had never picked up a Harry Potter book before.  It’s not that I didn’t want to read them, I just figured, “how can it be as good as everyone says?”  So yeah, since August, I’ve read all 6 books (saving the 7th till after the wedding this weekend) that’s over 3,000 pages  in 5 weeks which for me, the distracted reader who usually takes 4 months to read one, 200-page book, is saying something.  I mean, I am full-out-crazy about Hogwarts-want to be magic-need some butterbeer and pumpkin juice-want Luna’s lion-head hat-feel like the characters are doing things when I’m not reading-amazed by Rowling’s creativity and flow-freaking out that Dumbledore is (well, you know – don’t want to spoil it for those who may still read it!)-kinda thinking Snape is good despite all odds-annoyed with parents who don’t let their kids read the greatest mystery books of our time-obsessed with these books.  Obsessed.  Accio coffee cup!  (darn, must be a muggle afer all)

5.  I have a fear of people touching my pinky toes.  I freaking hate it.  I hate thinking about them being touched, looked at, laughed at, etc.  They’re not particularly ugly or anything, (although I do have finger-toes) but the only reason I can come up with for why I hate it so much is that my dad and brothers used to pull my toes when I was younger as “fun for them” torture.  Yeah, we all had a laugh, but WHO’S LAUGHING NOW?  Not me.

6. I have never truly loved a dog until last September.   Dogs didn’t last too long growing up in the country (highways, no fences, etc) and so I just never got attached.  Then last September, we got Cash, and I can honestly say that before him I  1) thought all dogs stunk  2) I hated for them to lick me, jump up on me  3) thought people who fawned over their pets were unbalanced individuals  4) always said, “it’s just a DOG”  5) felt that “inside-dogs” were sissy cats posing as dogs.   Now, I realize that those very things come from a person who has never TRULY loved a dog.  Since Cash, I have to cuddle and kiss every dog I see, no matter how big or dirty.  I love them all.  Now, I don’t want 5 big dogs in my house, I mean, there are limits (and one of those is the square footage in our house) but I no longer have the prejudice I used to have.  And I’m glad.  Cash has taught me how it’s okay to not be in control of everything all the time.  To let loose.  It’s nice.

7.  I know what O.K. stands for.  Do you?  Matt told me.  It means “all correct”  The letters got skewed.  Must have been the Brits.  🙂

8.  I have watched Sister Act II-Back in the Habit at least 5 times and have flat-out bawled each time.  It’s the music.  It may be cheesy, but when I see people honestly into a song, honestly loving it and singing it WELL, I get choked up-no matter what kind of music it is.

So there you go.  I cluttered up my blog with a “forward” of sorts.  Ah well, I’ll get over it. 🙂

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An Important Day

This morning I had the privilege of witnessing the dedication ceremony of my honorary niece, Alexis. It was a sweet ceremony with pledges from the church family to support her and from her family and friends to bring her up knowing God and knowing the story of Christ and living her life as an example of that faith. Summer had me there to take a few photos, so of course, I was not in the pictures, although all of us went up there to support Summer and Phil and Alexis. In a way, I’m always in the picture. 🙂 Here are a few favorite shots:









My Favorite of All Favorite Shots Ever


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Takin’ Her Out for a Spin

I recently purchased a new camera and I desperately need to practice with it. The Canon EOS 5D enables me to have less noise at high ISOs which is something I had struggled with while using my Nikon. I love my Nikon and frankly, I like the way they handle (so far) better than Canons. I also find that most of the functions needed for a fast-paced shooting environment are more readily available on the Nikon, whereas this new Canon feels a bit awkward. I’m sure it’s just because I’ve never really shot a Canon before. It is certainly a superb machine. I can tell it will improve my shooting and give me a higher quality print, as it is 12mp vs. my Nikon’s 6. I have a wedding next weekend that I feel a lot of pressure to do well for. More than usual, of course. I feel nervous, hoping that I don’t suddenly forget how to shoot when I need it the most, cause this client is a doosey. I’m shooting for a photographer’s daughter’s wedding. A REALLY GOOD photographer, that is. This photog is my mentor and really good friend who’s photography collection is staggering. She’s been shooting for decades and it is not without a bit of “ohmygoshI’mgonnadie” that I look forward to next weekend.

So I had to take the new camera out for a spin. Thankfully, God provided at the last moment, a REAL shoot to practice with. A friend from church referred me (thanks!) and the shoot was for a lady who usually goes to Family Photo every year for prints. My friend convinced her to use me and so we shot at the childrens’ grandparents’ house.

14 year old Kelsey and 11 year old Kevin. Kevin, like any 11 year old boy, hated the thought of a photo shoot featuring him and his sister. After promising him a dozen times that I would NOT make them hug in any picture, that he could be normal and could wear what he wanted, he complied. 🙂 No, really, they were great kids and we had fun (despite running around as fast as we could to avoid the impending rain). We had a limited area to shoot, too, as the grass had recently been covered in pesticide and was mostly white. So we worked with what we had and I think overall, I got a few honest shots. (I say honest meaning not horribly forced smiles and scenarios they’d never be in in real life).

Not Gonna Hug!






Yes! Let it all out, Kevin!



And sweet Kelsey smiling on cue – such a contrast from the above 🙂



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