Takin’ Her Out for a Spin

I recently purchased a new camera and I desperately need to practice with it. The Canon EOS 5D enables me to have less noise at high ISOs which is something I had struggled with while using my Nikon. I love my Nikon and frankly, I like the way they handle (so far) better than Canons. I also find that most of the functions needed for a fast-paced shooting environment are more readily available on the Nikon, whereas this new Canon feels a bit awkward. I’m sure it’s just because I’ve never really shot a Canon before. It is certainly a superb machine. I can tell it will improve my shooting and give me a higher quality print, as it is 12mp vs. my Nikon’s 6. I have a wedding next weekend that I feel a lot of pressure to do well for. More than usual, of course. I feel nervous, hoping that I don’t suddenly forget how to shoot when I need it the most, cause this client is a doosey. I’m shooting for a photographer’s daughter’s wedding. A REALLY GOOD photographer, that is. This photog is my mentor and really good friend who’s photography collection is staggering. She’s been shooting for decades and it is not without a bit of “ohmygoshI’mgonnadie” that I look forward to next weekend.

So I had to take the new camera out for a spin. Thankfully, God provided at the last moment, a REAL shoot to practice with. A friend from church referred me (thanks!) and the shoot was for a lady who usually goes to Family Photo every year for prints. My friend convinced her to use me and so we shot at the childrens’ grandparents’ house.

14 year old Kelsey and 11 year old Kevin. Kevin, like any 11 year old boy, hated the thought of a photo shoot featuring him and his sister. After promising him a dozen times that I would NOT make them hug in any picture, that he could be normal and could wear what he wanted, he complied. 🙂 No, really, they were great kids and we had fun (despite running around as fast as we could to avoid the impending rain). We had a limited area to shoot, too, as the grass had recently been covered in pesticide and was mostly white. So we worked with what we had and I think overall, I got a few honest shots. (I say honest meaning not horribly forced smiles and scenarios they’d never be in in real life).

Not Gonna Hug!






Yes! Let it all out, Kevin!



And sweet Kelsey smiling on cue – such a contrast from the above 🙂




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3 responses to “Takin’ Her Out for a Spin

  1. Mom

    Great pictures! Every kid should have a great photographer like you. 🙂

  2. Ashley


    These look fantastic! I can’t wait to have you (and your camera) in St. Louis. I could really use help right now taking pictures of my ring finger. They look ridiculous when I try it myself. My hand is a bit more porous than I would like it to be– ahh the joys of photoshop!

  3. shannon

    love it love it love it

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