these cards gave me asthma

I had to post about this line of greeting cards because I’ve spent an hour this morning laughing so hard I’m wheezing.  Some of them are bordering on “too far” but for the most part, they are so hilarious I can’t contain myself.  I know I haven’t posted about pretty major events in my life like going to California, French Laundry, the Spoon concert or other such things, but once you go to this site and read these cards, you will know why this post takes precident over the French Laundry.  yes.  I said that.




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4 responses to “these cards gave me asthma

  1. Ashley

    oh no you didn’t.

  2. Okay okay, so they aren’t nearly as good as the FL. HOWEVER it takes a lot less time posting about these than it would posting about a 9 course dinner.

  3. Ashley

    I’ll give you that. Heck, I haven’t posted in ages, but I have been cooking up a storm lately. We’ll have to compare Thanksgiving menus. I’m making Saveur’s ginger-jalapeno-basil-shallot sweet potatoes . . . mmmm.

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