A Quiet Month

I kept busy during October and November, but December is turning out to be a quiet month.  That’s probably all for the best.  I am gift wrapping at my old job, just on the weekends, so my Saturdays and Sundays are always filled.  I am in a caroling group and we have sung/will sing at 4 different occasions.  I am still volunteering at the Ronald McDonald Room at Covenant Hospital, and I am trying to figure out presents and confections to make for the huge list of people that grows every year.  I’m getting pretty excited about baking this Christmas…and even more excited to start the new year with new resolutions and fresh recipes and a healthier lifestyle (that means I might actually use my gym membership – oh yes, won’t we all?)

In light of new beginnings, I thought I’d post a few shots from an engagement shoot I did of my friends, Tracy and Alan back in November.  They are getting married in May of 08 in Ft. Collins, CO and I have the privilege of traveling up there to do the wedding!  A Colorado wedding – isn’t that every photog’s dream?  Here’s to you two, Tracy and Alan – I hope you have a wonderful Christmas – and just think – next year will be your first as Mr. and Mrs!







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