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Chelsea and Mark

Chelsea and Mark are a sweet, down to earth couple that I have the pleasure of doing wedding photos for in September.  They are getting married at Spirit Ranch (for you past Lubbockites, that used to be County Line) and so to contrast what will be lots of outdoor, woodsy type shots, we did their engagement shoot downtown in the depot.  Like all guys, I think Mark was a tad skeptical at first that the engagement shoot would be like a trip to the dentist, but I think by the end, he started having fun. 🙂  Here are a few favorites (I love it when you can’t tell we’re in Lubbock)


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Leah and John Engagement Session

Finally getting around to this! Leah and John are tons of fun. They wanted pictures taken at their favorite Mexican food restaurant in Austin, Chuy’s, as well as some at the church John grew up at. Chuy’s had to be my favorite place – especially with the huge Indian Warrior painting inside. Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot:

This is their favorite table/painting at Chuy’s

Can’t wait to do their wedding in June! See you then, Leah and John!

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Leah’s Bridal Shoot

My friend, Leah, is getting married in June and she flew me out to Austin last Monday to do both her bridal and engagement shoot in the same day.  The engagement shoot will be a post for tomorrow, but today I wanted to get up some of my favorite shots from her bridals.  We shot at The Plantation House – a very sweet family owns it and rents it out for use for weddings and such.  We had more than enough options for backgrounds and set-ups.  I couldn’t have had it easier – what with the variety and such a beautiful subject to shoot!  I had an even bigger blast later that day with both Leah and her fiancee, John.  Such a good couple – always gives me a good feeling when I do a wedding for a couple you just know will last. 🙂


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slacking – sort of

To my faithful 5 readers.  I have been to Austin this week to do a bridal shoot and an engagement shoot (anyone remember or know leah vickers?) and so I’ve been working all week editing and such.  Photos to come and I promise, something interesting soon.  I’m a slacker and just wanted you all to know that I didn’t die.  Because I do realize I blogged every day for like a week, there.  Perhaps I’m like the blog camel.  I store up several in a row to prepare for the dry spell.  Something like that.

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Liz and David

I shot my first engagement session of the year on Saturday. Liz and David will be married in July and they are busy getting a new house set up, wedding plans made and things in general order. Even though they are swamped with things that have to be done for their future together, I noticed during the shoot that they work really well together. Liz and I talked on the phone yesterday about how she stresses and he never does (sound familiar to anyone?) I think it’s so interesting that nearly every couple I’ve come across that are actually good together, are complete opposites when it comes to handling stress/emotions. For instance, I worry about things that don’t even exist yet and scenarios that might happen should the Earth be aligned with Jupiter at exactly the same moment that a pigeon flies overhead and poops on my car. Yes, I worry THAT specifically at times. And Matt – well Matt won’t worry unless we are in the MIDDLE of the situation. Yes. Comforting. Yet at the same time, I can’t help but wish for a partner in crazy. Then again, I don’t need encouragement…

On to Liz and David! Wanted to post a few pictures of them from their shoot Saturday. They had some really fun ones on Tech campus where they both went to school, and then some really pretty ones that just showcase their fancy selves. Or something like that. 🙂 Needless to say – I had a blast (and tortured them some – more about that later) and can’t wait to shoot their wedding!

lush pretty ivy floor with cute little purple flowers.  Awwww…

Okay, the lush ivy floor they are laying on looks so comfy, right?  Wrong. It was sharp and painful but to be fair, I laid down in it first (I always do the poses to make sure they are doable) It was itchy and uncomfortable yet CUTE.  Beauty is pain, my friends. 

Liz made David wear flip flops to which he was not thrilled.  But she wanted to match. So I took this simply to appease her and to spite him.  I’m a people person, what can I say.

more ivy.  I’m a bit obsessed

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New Site – kinda

Just wanted to let my faithful know that I designed a new logo/header for my photography website and I’m excited about it because it’s more…me.  The new header pays homage to my love of damask and of scripty fonts.  I suppose.  Here also, is a new “tag” to put on the photos that I post:

Here is an example of it on a picture:

Now go see the site – the first time you view the page, the header will take a little time to load.  The pictures that scroll through are the same on all pages except Pricing, which has a whole different set to look at.  Anyway, I was excited. 🙂


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Thanks for your Vote!

Well, we had the West Texas Photographic show last night and out of 108 entries,

Man, Cobwebs

Got 2nd Place!!


Dirty Sunday

Won an honorable mention!

So thanks to all who voted and I will never understand the fascination with the man beside the window, but just goes to show that you are extremely biased about your own work!  I’ve never won anything at that show and have entered 4 years in a row – so I’m happy!  Thanks again to the voters!


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