Liz and David

I shot my first engagement session of the year on Saturday. Liz and David will be married in July and they are busy getting a new house set up, wedding plans made and things in general order. Even though they are swamped with things that have to be done for their future together, I noticed during the shoot that they work really well together. Liz and I talked on the phone yesterday about how she stresses and he never does (sound familiar to anyone?) I think it’s so interesting that nearly every couple I’ve come across that are actually good together, are complete opposites when it comes to handling stress/emotions. For instance, I worry about things that don’t even exist yet and scenarios that might happen should the Earth be aligned with Jupiter at exactly the same moment that a pigeon flies overhead and poops on my car. Yes, I worry THAT specifically at times. And Matt – well Matt won’t worry unless we are in the MIDDLE of the situation. Yes. Comforting. Yet at the same time, I can’t help but wish for a partner in crazy. Then again, I don’t need encouragement…

On to Liz and David! Wanted to post a few pictures of them from their shoot Saturday. They had some really fun ones on Tech campus where they both went to school, and then some really pretty ones that just showcase their fancy selves. Or something like that. 🙂 Needless to say – I had a blast (and tortured them some – more about that later) and can’t wait to shoot their wedding!

lush pretty ivy floor with cute little purple flowers.  Awwww…

Okay, the lush ivy floor they are laying on looks so comfy, right?  Wrong. It was sharp and painful but to be fair, I laid down in it first (I always do the poses to make sure they are doable) It was itchy and uncomfortable yet CUTE.  Beauty is pain, my friends. 

Liz made David wear flip flops to which he was not thrilled.  But she wanted to match. So I took this simply to appease her and to spite him.  I’m a people person, what can I say.

more ivy.  I’m a bit obsessed


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  1. Libby

    Great pics!! Um, yes, VERY excited about breakfast with the Palmseys:) Although, I’ll probably be running around getting ready…the shower is at 10 and it’s about 45 minutes away, so I’ll have to leave around 9ish…I hope that’s okay…looking forward to seeing y’all, though, even if it is with me running out the door:)

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