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Mosaic Frames

I have made two gigantic frames in my life since college.  The first one I made with a left-over frame that my Dad didn’t sell in his furniture factory and said I could have to do what I pleased.  So I laid it out on my bedroom floor of my apartment my junior year of college and made a collage with magazine clippings in the border of the frame.  Then, I decided to glue glass shards on top of the magazine clippings.  Then I decided to put black grout in between the shards, thus making my very first mosaic frame.  I really liked the stained-glass effect it had and since there was nothing in my apartment to frame with a 3×3 foot frame (it was so enormously heavy) I decided with the anchors of life that I would frame my thermostat. (as you can see below in a picture of a thinner, cuter version of Matt and I back in 03 before we were married – awww)

Matt and Alisa Thanksgiving 2003 014

Fast forward to two years ago, my dear friend Ashley asked me if I’d use some  candid black and white shots from her wedding and do one of these frames for her.  I accepted.  I accepted even though my previous frame took me an entire fall semester of school to do – and that was when I was single and never went out on the weekends and just worked on the frame.  Imagine putting together a jigsaw puzzle, but creating it at the same time you’re putting it together.  Yeah – it’s hard.  But I told her I would anyway, full knowing that she would not receive it for a long time. 

Fast forward to two weeks ago when I finally finished. Yep – took me two years. (two and a half?)   Now, in my defense, I graduated, moved, got married, moved again and got a dog, so I had plenty of distractions along the way!  And she was patient – yet screaming inside at me to finish the blasted thing.  But yay – now she has it and yay – now I have 4 square feet of extra room in my house now that it’s gone.

I wanted to post these pictures just because I was so proud of it when it was finally done and I felt like I had received the crafting enema of the century when I put that last stroke of paint on the trim. 

If anyone wants one of these I will seriously make one for you with pictures of your loved ones.  For $2,000.  🙂


The frame in its entirety



Breaking down into parts – this is the top left corner – my favorite picture of Ashley and Danny cutting their cake – sorry for the glare, some of it is hard to see. 


The top middle picture – Ashley and her mom.


Top right corner – Danny’s grandmother looking on.



The top right middle – Ashley getting into her dress with her mom and mother-in-law helping.


The bottom right picture – Ashley and Danny at the alter saying vows.



The bottom middle – kind of hard to see, but it’s her bridesmaids and her and Danny sitting for posed pictures.


Bottom left corner – Ashley and one of her bridesmaids



Middle left side going up – Ashley looking back at herself in the mirror.



Top Half


Bottom Half


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My Little Friend turned 1!

I’ve seen my friend, Summer’s baby grow literally since the day she was born. I was there to take this picture:

And so it was very special for me to be there to take these pictures. Happy Birthday, Alexis! You’re the most awesome kid ever. 🙂

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Vietnamese Pork Sandwiches

A couple of weekends ago, Matt found a recipe for a Vietnamese pork marinade that sounded awesome.  It called to roast the pork loin after you marinade it, but he decided to use our smoker in the back yard instead.  Then, remembering a lovely Mexico -One Plate at a Time episode wherein Bayless’ annoying daughter pickled some onions, we decided that pickled shallot and carrots would be an awesome crunchy topper – that and a few sprigs of Thai Basil and a squirt of Sriracha, of course.

Here is a loose recipe that we used – nothing was really measured – it’s kind of all to taste.  You can get most of these ingredients in the Asian food aisle of your supermarket, but we did have to go to an Asian market to find the sweet soy (which is heavenly might I add).

Vietnamese Pork Marinade*

Grind a few stalks of lemongrass in food processor.
Add an onion. (we used shallot)
When pulped add a good handful of garlic. (4 or 5 cloves)
Grind black pepper until your arm is sore. Twice. Add it.
Now a dash of fish sauce, coriander, sweet soy, brown sugar, Sriracha hot sauce or fresh chilis, sesame oil.

This paste needs a couple of days to work on the meat. Add some fresh lemon juice if you need it to work faster.  We marinated one large pork loin for a little over 24 hours.

We smoked the pork loin at 225 until it reached 160 degrees – this took our smoker about 4 hours.

Slice thin and serve on toasted ciabatta with pickled onions and carrots (we used carrots instead of jalapenos) and Thai basil, more sweet soy and Sriracha drizzle.  Oh wow.

Serves a lot.

*recipe found on Chowhound


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New Photo Blog

From now on, all of my recent wedding/portrait work will appear on  I wanted a separate place for photography so I could keep this blog more just food, food photos, general what’s-up, etc.  So put it on your blog rolls, faithful 5!  🙂

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