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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince!

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Neglectful Hag

A bit harsh but that’s what I feel like I am to this poor blog.  I have just been in the busy time of the year with weddings and such – that’s a good thing but my other blog has all the love that this one used to enjoy.  Sorry, Mrs. Palmsey.   We’re going to Nashville this weekend – so maybe I’ll have good stories to tell.  We ARE having a birthday party for Matt’s grandma, so you never know what kind of craziness will ensue.

Matt and I went to see my family in Portales this past weekend and I got to see my grown up nephew, Braden!  Seriously, the last time I saw him, he was about 2 months old.  Now he’s all chubby and squealing and awesome.  He had some play time with my other nephew, Case, and the results were adorable.  So here’s a few pictures of the chitlins.  Oh, and a few embarrassing pictures of the fam.  I’m only reporting truth, people.

I put a flower on my lens and he was trying to get it.

Best cry face ever.


Can I have your shoe?

For some reason I think of Godzilla when I see this shot.  Just funny.

Sorry, Matt.  But you don’t look at this blog anyway and I loved this picture so it went in. 🙂

I like to call this Interpretations of April.  She is shy, humble, wily and whimsical – all at the same time.  Note: my favorite picture ever of my brother in the last shot.  When he laughs like that there’s nothing better.

These are cake mix cookies with coconut icing.  SO GOOD.  If I get any requests for cake mix cookies, I will post the recipe in a future entry.  Otherwise, I might be shunned by the foodie community for posting an “out of the box” recipe.

There were plague sized amounts of flies in Portales this weekend, for some reason.  So this is late at night, after swatting a zillion flies, Mom says, “Are you going to get a picture of that fly?”  Sure.  He wanted that cookie – you could see it in his million eyes.  Gross.

My dog and my man.  Both doing their favorite thing. 🙂

Yay – a favorite.  So sweet!

Playing with Mackey

Like pretty much the happiest kid ever.

I loved this

Pretty Mom!


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