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Cake Mix Cookies

Got a few requests so here it is – Cake Mix Cookies!  The reason I like this recipe so much is partly because I have a teeny obsession with cake batter flavored things.  Like cake batter ice cream or um, cake batter by itself.  So if you use the yellow cake mix for these cookies, they become the quintessential cake batter flavor which, to me, is heaven in a cookie.  Another reason I like this recipe is that it is probably the quickest thing to throw together if guests show up – most everyone has a box cake mix in their pantry and everyone (should) have eggs and oil.  And that’s all you need!

My mom whipped up a quick buttercream icing and added almond flavor (for me) and coconut flavor (for my bro) although I love both flavors and really, the coconut icing was a little tastier on the chocolate cake mix cookies we made.  However, I would leave the frosting off because it’s a pretty sweet cookie on it’s own.  And the chewiness is lovely.  Okay, here it goes – beware – it’s a long recipe!

Cake Mix Cookies
yield 2 dozen aprox.

1 box cake mix – yellow for that cake batter flavor but any flavor works the same – try strawberry, German chocolate, orange – I like pineapple, too!
1/3 cup vegetable oil
2 eggs

Mix all together until smooth (a wooden spoon does well), drop by tablespoon fulls on a greased baking sheet and bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for 7-10 minutes.  Watch them – take them out when they still look a little undone – they finish baking on the hot sheet.  You don’t want to bake these too long or it takes their chewiness away!  And a hard cookie, for me, is death.  Some of you might like crispy crunchy cookies, and to you I would suggest getting your head checked. 🙂




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