The Best Creamed Corn on the Planet

That’s the official name of the dish, because I said so.  I made this after seeing someone make it on Martha and a few months later Matt said, “remember that creamed corn that had the chives?  Where did we have that?” and I couldn’t remember either even though I had made it and I figure that is a good sign.  It finally came to me and I remembered I had seen some guest on the Martha Stewart show make it. I fiddled with the ratios so I can officially call this my own. 🙂  See how I am?  Scandalous!

We tend to cycle through dishes in the Palmer house and get stuck on one and right now, this is the dish we are stuck on.  Every time we are asked to bring a side, we first think of this corn and what’s even better is that it takes all of 4 ingredients and is cheap and awesome.  Thanksgiving side dishes need revamping?  Try this out!

The Best Creamed Corn…

1 bag frozen corn
1 – 8oz package 1/3 fat cream cheese
1 bunch FRESH chives
A splishy splash of milk

Dump the frozen corn in a large sauce pan and put a splash of milk, salt and pepper and cook the corn (with lid on) till tender and piping hot.  Cube up the cream cheese and throw in the corn.  Take the fresh chives and either snip with scissors or dice very small and put in about 1/4 cup snipped chives.  Once cream cheese is melted, adjust the consistancy with more milk if needed.  Whatever consistancy makes you happy.  Readjust to taste with salt and pepper and THAT’S ALL FOLKS.

Serves 6-8 1/4 cup portions, but people will get seconds so plan for that. 🙂



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2 responses to “The Best Creamed Corn on the Planet

  1. Becky

    All of this is true. We have consumed the creamy corn goodness and it is Fantastic! I could eat the whole bowl 🙂

  2. Libby

    Most definitely the best creamed corn on the planet…

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