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blast from the past

everyone else is doing it lately – posting pictures from a few years ago.  And I wanted to as well.  These are from my wedding which was only 4 years ago but my how things have changed!  Fun to look at, fun to remember. 

(i’m sorry this blog sucks so much – I will try to do better.  my other blog gets so much more love but eh, what can you do)


This is the famous picture of Libby looking like a geisha


my awesome niece, Kari.  Our flower girl!


some of my most favorite people




my brothers – Matt with my Aunt Mary and Chad with Mammaw




I haven’t seen LaShae since that day and she is now married with a baby– Cali is now engaged, Summer has an almost 2-year old, Nicole has 2 children and Justin…well Justin is still awesome, haha. 🙂


Me and LaShae seeing each other for the first time since high school graduation (which had been 4 years)





Matt and I talking to his great-grandmother.  She was 98 and flew to our wedding from Delaware! 



fun times.  I wasn’t doing photography when I got married so my wedding never got blogged. :)  These are all just taken by a friend – maybe someday I’ll scan in the “real” pictures but who scans anymore?  I have not the patience!


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