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Adele and time with the Meltons

We had a fabulous weekend hanging out with Kyle and Libby and eating good food and seeing great music.  Here’s some highlights:


Hailey – the newest Melton is getting so big!

such a baby face!


Shannon and Grace playing on her computer

Grace excited about her new bike

beautiful Libby and Grace


me and my favorite people

me and matt at dinner before the concert


the amazing Adele in concert!





she was so cute and kept mentioning the Grammy’s and squealing and giggling about it.  at one point she even took a picture of the audience because she couldn’t believe how many people were there.






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More Skittles in Your Area

It’s almost embarrassing to write a post on this blog.  I know I’ve said it a million times but the photo blog just gets more attention because it’s what I do all day.  However, that is no excuse to abandon this one.  A lot of new things have been going on lately.  My brother and his wife moved to Ft. Collins, Colorado and we will miss going home to Portales and getting to hang out with them.  We are excited about planning trips to CO to see them – Ft. Collins is like Napa Valley only with beer instead of wine – not too shabby.  We’re happy for them and their new start and are excited to see the life they make for themselves up North!

In a similar note, Chad and Shannon had their second child, Jake a couple of weeks ago.  So crazy how Case went from little to big brother in just one day.

little brother

big brother


The title of the post is because Valentine’s rolled around and I decided to give Matt a WHOLE BUNCH of his favorite candy – Skittles!  One day a while back he mentioned how great it would be to buy a $100 worth of Skittles and kind of marveled in a kid-like fashion how awesome that would be.  So I didn’t quite spend $100, but I bought about 17lbs of Skittles at Sams and put them in a HUGE glass canister with a big orange scoop (boys don’t always wash their hands – plus he has this truck load of Skittles at work and we can’t trust a year’s worth of random hands plunging into the same candy over and over-gak, just thinking about it!)

From our Skittle overload, we found a post on Serious Eats where someone took Skittles and made their own Skittles infused Vodka.  Sooooo of course we had to do that and what resulted was pretty sweet:


So what you do is you take 6 empty water bottles, fill them with about 8 oz of Vodka and stick 60 Skittles of each flavor into respective bottles.  Wait a day – they all dissolve and then you filter it through a coffee filter a few times, fill pretty bottles and store in freezer!  I personally think that taking a sip of the stuff just straight is a near death experience, but diluted in Sprite at about a 1/10 ratio is not bad!  It’s definitely Skittles-tastic and not to mention, a bit of a Wonka thing to do which makes always makes life a little more fun.

This post is going to be quite long if I keep going.  I promise to post more regularly about our normal life, sans photography shoots.  By the way though, I have my first wedding of the year this coming Saturday and I’m hoping for the best.  Finger’s crossed (not while shooting)

Love to you, my 4 readers who have all complained nearly simultaneously that I never post on this blog 🙂



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