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I was Tagged! Gasp!

Five random facts:

1. I can’t sleep without hugging a pillow.  If I have to sleep without one, my arm falls asleep. Bad circulation?
2. I have really terrible nightmares about Matt.  He’s the sweetest ever but I have dreams that he does horrible things to me.
3. I have vampire teeth because I’m missing the two small teeth between my front teeth and my canines.  So it’s just two front teeth and then canines.  I lost the babies and the adults never grew back in.   Go ahead, I’ll wait while you look in your mouth because you didn’t realize you even had teeth separating your big ones…
4. I have never ever had a pedicure in my entire life.  And only one manicure for my wedding day.  That’s it.
5. I love the smell of various chemicals.  Paint, Mop n-Glo, that smell that first comes out of your air conditioner (anti-freeze?)  I don’t know.  But I love them so much I feel like I can never smell them enough.  (don’t worry, I should clarify that it’s a painted room, not a bucket of paint, that I huff).  🙂

Six Things I wish I could Do:
1. Speak Spanish
2. Play guitar so I could be my own blamin’ backup
3. Play a sport – any sport – and not feel like I’m going to twist my ankles at any moment – or knock someone out with a fat flap.
4. Tan in the sun
5. be more stylish
6. wear HIGH heels (kinda goes with 5, but the act of walking successfully in them without pain is the goal)

Five Mommy Confessions:
Okay, since I don’t have kids, I’m going to make these future mommy confessions.  Like, we’ll pretend I have a 6 month old, okay?  Go!
1.  I silently judge baby names that are spelled funky.  (that one stands as it is now, without a baby!)
2.  I honestly don’t think anyone’s baby is as cute as mine
3. I think babies smell like potatoes (this is also currently true)
4. I with my boobs would always stay this size (i imagine they will get bigger)
5. I am not a fan of “new baby day” at any function – Matt’s work, church, etc.  I think they are lame and no one cares.  Except you – you care about your baby, but you don’t care about mine so let’s just be honest.

Seven favorite movies of all time:
1. Bridget Jones’ Diary
2. When Harry Met Sally
3. 10 Things I Hate About You
4. Beauty and the Beast (cartoon)
5. It’s a Wonderful Life
6. Good Will Hunting
7. The Mirror Has Two Faces

Five favorite TV shows:
1. 30 Rock
2. The Office
3. Scrubs
4. What Not to Wear – I meant to say LOST here.  Maybe I forgot to list it because it doesn’t seem like it belongs in the category, “TV shows” because it’s so epic.
5. Top Chef

Six Bands I want to see in concert:
Gosh, I’ve seen most of my favorites so I’ll pick some cool as heck people:

1. Ray Lamontagne
2. Amy Winehouse (please don’t die before I can see you)
3. Beck
4. Eva Cassidy (why did you have to die?)
5.  David Gray
6. Dixie Chicks (i do!  I could sing along the whole time – what’s better than that?!)

Five Favorite Pictures of the last year
do you realize how long it’s going to take me to pick 5?  I am going to do top 5 personal and top 5 professional – k?  K.


IMG_6926cheering up
one night I was sad and so matt put his bathrobe on backwards and under his glasses, put my turtle slippers on his hands, had a ukulele in his hands, trying to play it and even had Cash in his arms and walked toward me like a monster.  I laughed so hard and couldn’t believe my eyes.

I am continually so terribly happy about this house


this just makes me laugh – hard.  Shannon’s face and Case’s face and Chad being so stoic.  I love this little family!







Seven people I tag to do this:

1. Shannon
2. Tiffany Beatty
3. Allyson Wall
4. no one else looks at this blog that hasn’t already done this!
5. maybe mom will see it!  So mom!


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