Before and After

Well I finally have a reason to set up my guest bedroom all cute.  My cousin, Kathleen, is taking summer sessions at Tech and so for July, she is staying with us!  I saw this blog a long time ago and fell in love with this girl’s style and interior design.  She is seriously amazing.  Click the link at the top to take a tour of her home.  So I admit that I blatantly copied the color scheme and style from her master bedroom for my guest room.  A few tweaks here and there to make it my own, but there are some embarrassingly copycat moments like (not intending to) buy the EXACT same throw pillow she did from Target.

So to appreciate the make-over, here are some before pics:

Not much to look at.  The bed was angled because the sweet mom that lived in our house before us spackled a ginormous snowman on the wall for her little girl.  This snowman was essentially the texture and hardness of cement and came about 1/8th of an inch out from the wall.  So while I could paint over it, the snowman’s shadow was still incredibly detectable and thus, the cornered bed.  When it came time to redo the room, I went at that snowman like a crazed lunatic.  60 grit sandpaper, putty scrapers, chisels, blowtorches.  Eventually, I got enough of the snowman off the wall that he is no longer detectable to anyone who didn’t know he was there in the first place.  Good enough for me.

The desk I found at a thrift store for $20.  I had to rough it up so that it would take paint as the entire thing is laminate.  It just had so much potential and was the perfect little size for our little room.

So without further ado, the room now:

Dark gray paint on one wall, light gray on the others.  With yellow and red accents all over.  See over there by the window?  Oh wait, you don’t see a snowman?  Good!

This is my favorite spot.  Found those two mirrors at the Lubbock Women’s Club annual garage sale.  They used to be harvest gold and forest green.  The little ledge was black and gold – found at Hobby Lobby half off!  It’s amazing what a can of white spray paint will do.  Oh, and that clock has to be wound up to run.  How very retro 🙂

The little desk that could!  Chrome drawer pulls and simple white paint and a slightly dented lamp from Pier One, making it $24 instead of $60!  Oh, and I’ll have a wee update in about a week.  I commissioned the fine ladies at All About Looks, whom I’ve done pictures for in the past, to make me a curtain to hang in place of the closet door.  Trust me – it’s going to rock.  It’s a huge white and yellow floral/bird pattern.  I love the material and can’t wait to see it!  Oh, also, that cute little switchplate  cover is just a spray-painted 4×6 picture frame hung around the original cover.

Is that not the coolest wall decal you’ve ever seen?  Got it from Bilk – they are an awesome company and it was incredibly easy to put on the wall, despite how it looks.  And I LOVE how it looks!

That wardrobe used to be mint green and ivory.  I had inherited it from Libby Melton, who inherited it from her aunt.  It is actually quite old.  My dad figures around the early 1900s based on its hardware.  It’s got the same drawer pulls as the desk. (but I saved the antique wooden pulls!)

I have to talk about this headboard.  My mom and I did most of it together this past weekend.  It was a labor of love and we didn’t cut corners!  It’s on 1/2″ plywood, I drilled holes through the 2″ foam, and the wood and we pulled and tied buttons through the board to create the tufting.  Then, to tie everything together, I added some leftover buttons to the plain white shams I got from Bed Bath and Beyond.

View from this angle – that bedspread coverlet was at Bed Bath and Beyond as well.  Gray with white stitching – so pretty.

Hello, cute pillow from Pier One.  Have I told you lately that I love you?

And there you have it.  Again, totally admitting to completely ripping off Three Men and a Lady’s master bedroom ideas, but hey – imitation is the sincerest form of imitation, right?  🙂



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9 responses to “Before and After

  1. Mandy

    Oh my goodness, I love it!! 🙂 Those colors are incredible! I want to redecorate now.

  2. Libby

    LOVE it! I may have to copy your copy…seriously, we ARE the same person…we picked up some paint samples just this last weekend for our bedroom in pretty much the EXACT same colors!! Love it! Oh and just so you know, the wardrobe thing was actually inherited from my great-great Aunt so your Dad is probably right:) I’m already looking forward to a stay at the Palmer Inn and Suites so I can stay in that room!

  3. love love love it! I want to paint a wall in our bedroom black, but Eric is afraid. Good job!

    • Mom

      No, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

      Alisa, this is more beautiful than I imagined it would be. You outdid yourself! Kathleen is going to feel very special that you did all this because of her visit. I love it! And, since you shopped for bargains and used your amazing creativity to make it happen — this makes me even more proud.

      Love you!

  4. oh my! so proud of you. it looks AMAZING!!! can I come stay the night?

  5. Peggy

    Wow! I really love it! You are amazing, and amazingly talented!! You may have to come do a room for me! Is there no end to the talent that you and Matt have? I think not! Love You both so much! Mom

  6. Ali

    That is impressive! I am so tempted to redecorate our room right now.

  7. Amanda

    dang!!! 🙂 sooo amazing! you (and matt) take creativity to a whole other level. we need to hang out more so you can rub off on me… i still have my office left to do.. among other things that can always be added to and changed in our new house. 🙂

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