The boy turned 4

This post will mainly be pictures.  If you have something against freakishly long blog posts, I’m warning you now.

We had such a good weekend with the whole fam.  Mom, Dad, Chad and Shannon and the boys came to our house first on Thursday and had dinner with us since I had always wanted Chad to see our new place, and he gave so much good advice to us when we were in the house market last year.  It was SO good to have that Case-man jump out of the truck and give me a big hug.  His cheeks are so plump and rosy and healthy-looking!  He melted my heart pretty much on the hour over the entire weekend.

We followed them back to Portales after dinner on Thursday and Matt and April and their whole clan arrived late that night (or early Friday morning, however you want to look at it) and we party-heartied all the rest of the weekend.

Case about to jump on the blocks Matt is holding – notice Matt’s face, preparing.


Case-o quite happy about his destruction

Everyone felt this way when hugging that boy

Kari making the BEST sugar cookies on the planet with Mom. Seriously, we ate about 5 of those apiece!  Mom – send me the recipe so I can post it!


Love that Kari-bear

Matt’s homemade chili stewing away

Pop-Pop (my dad) flying airplanes with the grandkids.  You can’t see the plane but it’s tiny in the lower left-hand corner.  I was obviously taking a photo of the sky 🙂

Revin’ Evan playing in the old trailer.  Mom and Dad’s place is a dream-land for little explorers.

Case saying hello

Love this one of all the boys – Chad, Jake and Case

Jake was sad…about being hugged.

Case and Pop-Pop’s airplanes

Hannah and Jakers

Evan is in the running for Sweetest Boy on Earth.  He breaks my heart – still so innocent and carries around his stuffed puppy.  Oh, how I will be sad when that phase is over…

I absolutely love this one of Dad and the boys

Matt and Braden

Dad and Case playing tractors

And now I will break your hearts – Chad said it was time for bed, and Case was downright broken-hearted about having to stop playing with Pop-Pop.  I know.  Saddest thing.  Ever.  But so precious, so I had to post it!


Me and Chad and…sneaky Dad, haha

Case seeing the huge cookie Shannon made for his birthday.  That’s all he wanted – just a big ol’ cookie!  But he was very specific, “Make sure you write my name and put balloons on it!”

Landon – such a great kid who was sadly not feeling too well that day – but he played DS with Case for several hours (Hannah, too) and that just made Case’s day!

Second-best dog on the planet, Turk.  Coming out of the water, as is pretty typical of him all day.  Labs and water = bff

Mom and Case

Hannah fishing – this girl is awesome.  Such a tough-girl and can throw a baseball further than most boys I’ve seen.

Kari’s frog.  I love the chipped nail polish/frog combo.  Such a summertime, kid thing.

Sarah and Jake.  She was the best baby-sitter all weekend.  Notice the texting.


Case – best little guy I know.

Braden playing with Case’s balloons



Turk howling for his ball

Matt and Braden

Pappaw and Evan

Love it!  Happy Birthday, Buddy!

Contender for my favorite photo of the day.





caseo-00267 caseo-00268

I don’t know why, but these candle-blowing, happy birthday-singing pics are like a scene from heaven or something.  4 generations, singing happy birthday to such a special boy.

caseo-00274 Look at his face in all of these!  Just precious!





caseo-00283 My FAVORITE!  Look at everyone’s faces!  Love it love it love it



So – amazing weekend, lots of good family time, and a precious boy that we didn’t know would even get another birthday.  But he did and we all got to share it. 🙂

I’ll post later, some videos of Case screaming along to Everlong on Rock Band.  Yeah, it’s pretty epic.



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7 responses to “The boy turned 4

  1. Louise

    Oh, Alisa, this page absolutely made me cry before breakfast. All the love and joy in these photos. The very essence of family. It makes my heart hurt (in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE) to see your faces as you revel in one another. Beyond words.

  2. Debbie Drury

    What a family!!!! That needs to be published somewhere. Made my day, no my week. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Deeann Jarvis

    Thanks so much for sharing your pictures!! What a precious family you have!! We sure do miss you guys!!

  4. Ashley

    First of all, I am having a hard time keeping down my coffee, as I keep heaving big sobs as I read this post. What beautiful photographs of your family, Alisa! You have truly captured such joy in everyone’s faces– unbelievable! Secondly, I am so glad that you’re blogging again. I’m just catching up and missing you madly. Lastly, I was eating a big bowl of carbs when I started reading your posts (it is 10 am and I’m eating last night’s barley, bean and bacon risotto for brunch) and now I’m scrubbing my tongue with my toothbrush feeling very guilty for eating so poorly, but very proud of you for accomplishing your weight loss goals the good old fashioned way. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must finish off a batch of TK’s chocolate chip cookies before following your lifestyle-changing advice.

  5. Libby

    Seriously did this pregnant-overly-hormonal lady in…what a beautiful post, love every single last picture and would have looked at ten million more…what a blessing that sweet boy is, I’m so happy y’all got to celebrate him being 4 all together!! What a special weekend…

  6. Lyndsey

    Sitting at my desk-tears are just flowing! From one Auntie to another–that was the perfect post! What a gift you have to capture the memories for your family-pure perfection in every picture. Happy Birthday sweet Case!

  7. I can’t get over his cheeks. That’s what made my tears start flowing. You did such an incredible job of documenting such a special time. Love you

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