La Vie en Rose

So we’ll be heading off in about an hour – just wanted to post a few pics of where we’ll be.

We’ll start off here: Beynac

Then we’ll go to the market in Sarlat on Saturday:

Then to Amboise to see some castles like this one:

Then on to see Mont St. Michel

where we’ll stay in this lady’s house:

La Jacotiere

Then on to Honfleur to spend the night and see the Normandy Beaches the next day:

D-Day Beaches (I’m already getting sad thinking about this one):

Then, down to a little town called Falaise where they specialize in Apple Brandy and Camembert cheese:

And then, off to Paris!  Where we get to eat at some amazing places like:


and Le Chateaubriand (the no. 11 restaurant in the world, and affordable!)

and we’ll get to see my dear friend, Angela, who will show us around for a day and eat dinner with us at a cute little mom and pop place called Le Felteau.

Then I’ll get to stand on the same street Edith Piaf did, singing for her life:

I can’t even begin to comprehend that all of these places  exist, much less that I’ll get to see them with my own eyes.  And then I’ll come back and write a blog with my OWN pictures of these places.  Au revoir for now – wish you could all share a croissant du chocolat with me.



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3 responses to “La Vie en Rose

  1. Ashley

    I’m so thrilled for you, Alisa. Have a wonderful time!

  2. Debbie

    All of these places are amazing. I’m so glad you and Matt are getting to take this trip. I’m already enjoying your blog and you’ve only been in the air for about an hour!

  3. Mimi

    What a dream come true. I am so happy that you and Matt are getting to do this. God bless and keep you safe.

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