Chestnut Fail

I’m gonna write another France blog SOON. In fact, the next one in line is about the lovely town of Honfleur. In Honfleur, we amassed a large quantity of what we thought were the most gorgeous chestnuts ever. Huge, beautiful wood grain patterns on the shells. We decided to crack one open tonight and pop it in the oven to toast it and get that lovely chestnuts-roasted-on-an-open-fire kinda vibe.  Matt started to look up how to eat a chestnut and if it’s okay to eat them raw.   I was going to make Martha Stewart’s Chestnut pie for Christmas, we had gathered so many like eager squirrels! Little did I know…


Aaaaaaand here’s a pic of the awesome chestnuts WE picked up in France:

Yeeeeah.  They are beautiful little nuts-o-death.  Oh what’s that, Alisa?  You were puking all morning?  Are you pregnaaaaant?  Hmmmm?   “No, I just ate a butt-load of toxic horse chestnuts”

The charming and non-toxic part of Honfleur twill be blogged soon.  Until then – stay away from these spiny menaces.



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3 responses to “Chestnut Fail

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  2. michelle stott

    can their be any lasting damage from eating the wrong chestnuts, I unfirtunately was caught out yesterday and have been very sick?

    • I’m the wrong person to ask! I didn’t eat any. If you feel sick, go to the doc! I figure if you did eat some and you’re not dead yet, you’re probably going to be okay 🙂

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