D-Day Beaches

After our adventures at Mont St. Michele, we ventured off to the D-day Memorial and beaches in Normandie.   It was a cold, cloudy, windy day – the first bad weather we experienced on our trip – maybe because of the ocean, maybe because it’s just always a little gloomy at a cemetery.

It was absolutely staggering to walk through the memorial museum and see the walls of names, the stories, the hour-by-hour accounts of the days surrounding the invasions.

Outside the museum

A piece of art inside the museum

These signs were everywhere throughout the cemetery

It was amazing to stand in the middle of literally thousands of acres of crosses.  When you have a cross to represent every single death, it becomes very hard to ignore

The crosses

For the unknown soldier - there were many

Omaha Beach - someone had written RIP

Omaha Beach

Matt said a couple of times he got pretty choked up just walking around.  I don’t have anything eloquent to say or good to add because I’m sure most of you reading this blog know far more about this than I do.  If you ever have a chance to travel to France, don’t skip Normandie.  You will be welcomed as basically a saint just because you’re American and no one there has forgotten.  Neither should we!


Up next: my favorite town on our trip: Honfleur!  Separate post.  Didn’t seem right to clutter up a post about Omaha beach with any frivolities!





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4 responses to “D-Day Beaches

  1. Nico

    I choked up just reading your blog. Thank you for the reminder of all the mothers and wives and children who wept…the fathers whose dreams were dashed. Barney is reading it now with a tissue.

  2. I agree with Nico, this one made me tear up. Can’t wait to see and hear more.

  3. Danielle

    Clair and I wanted to go here so bad while we were in London and Paris, but the time just didn’t allow it. I’m so glad you guys made it and you posted pictures of it. Thank you for sharing Alisa!!

  4. Danielle

    Clair and I wanted to go here so badly when we were in London and Paris, but our time slipped away from us. I’m so glad you got to go, and I appreciate these pictures so much!!

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