Rubes in Paris; Part 1

Friday, September 17th –

We woke at 8ish – way too early after our crazy night, but unwilling to miss out on even an ounce of what Paris had to offer.  You simply can not be lazy in this town. We were to meet Angela at the Notre Dame at 10 and so we grabbed a few pastries at a corner boulangerie and hopped on the metro.

This is what we see first thing in the morning – happy Angela, ready to roll.

across the street from the Notre Dame

and there She is.  We walked around, taking in the magnificent detail of this structure, which took 400 years to build.

each statue is different.  And it spans the entire front of the chapel

These archways were amazing, too.  Three separate arches on the front of the chapel and see those little figures carved in the arch?  They are all unique.  Saints?  I forget who they represent.  The detail was so mindblowing, and Angela wanted to point out that everyone marvels at the front of the church, but no one notices the sides and back, which are all equally intricate:

There was a cute little shopping area just over the bridge by the Notre Dame so we walked around for a while and I bought an awesome teal leather purse and my first French scarf.  The cute lady in the store had been drawing sketches of how to tie scarves and showed me this way: (this is my drawing)

It was funny because Frenchies really do whatever they want.  Even store owners will casually open their stores when they feel like it.  10:30, 11, maybe after lunch?  Who cares!  It is definitely not all about making money (unless you’re on the Champs d’Elysees)  We enjoyed the street scenes and searched out a place for hot chocolate, but sadly, didn’t find any on our particular street.  It’s a misconception that you can find whatever you want, wherever you want it in Paris.  Like water.  Or a bathroom.

This was a VERY typical scene 🙂

Crossing the bridge by the Notre Dame over to the shopping area on the little island.

one of my favorite images from Paris.  Two shop owners taking a break after their hard day of…nothing yet.  It was 11 a.m.

Everywhere.  Flowers everywhere.  Matt carrying a bag from getting Julie and Shannon a scarf from Diwali.

The Bastille

One of the many awesome doors.  I loved them all.

The next blog will be about eating intestine sausage, raw beef and feeding presumed stray dogs.  Stay tuned.


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One response to “Rubes in Paris; Part 1

  1. Kelle

    WOW! Gorgeous as I am coming to expect from this blog! I love the scarf ditty and have told at least 5 people in the last few cold days how to accomplish something truly French. Those flowers made my heart soar! I would have bought them all and had no money left… and YOU look smashing in front of that FABULOUS door! Can’t wait to see the next installment…

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