Rubes in Paris: Dead Celebrities and the Sacre Coeur

This will be mainly a picture-post.  Not a whole lot of stories to tell.  We went to Pere Lachaise Cemetery to see a lot of famous peoples’ tombs.  Sepulchers?  They were more than mere tombstones, they were more like small houses.  This graveyard went on for acres and acres.

Yeah, that’s a gravestone.

I wanted to see Frederic Chopin’s grave:

While we were looking at the tomb, we noticed a herd of paparazzi hovering nearby.  I tried to see what was going on and apparently the French director, Claude Chabrol, died the previous week and his funeral was being held while we were there!  I can only imagine all the French actors who probably came to his funeral!

This was the memorial for people who died in concentration camps during WWII

I was very excited to get to see the grave of the great singer, Edith Piaf. I became slightly obsessed after seeing La Vie En Rose, which is an amazing film about her life.

This was just another beautiful tomb memorial on our way out.

We hopped back on the metro and made our way to another landmark, the Sacré-Cœur Basilica.

We had heard about the aggressive vendors in Paris, but hadn’t experienced them till we climbed the steps to ascend Sacre Coeur.  A “bracelet man” grabbed Matt’s wrist and said, “Do not worry, my friend.”  If they catch your arm and weave a bracelet on your wrist, you have to pay for it.  Sneaky cusses.  Matt got away, thankfully and we climed all the way to the top of the hill and sat on the lawn where we had an incredible view of part of the great city.

A couple of Indian boys were sitting below us, clearly drunk or tripping on something good, and singing.  LOUD Bollywood hits at the top of their lungs while throwing handfuls of grass on each other, laughing, feeling the good vibes of the day and their singing.

So because Angela is Angela, her natural thought was to gather up some grass of her own and throw it on them as we left.  She figured they’d like that.  Loved having her around 🙂

At the top of the hill by the church, we saw two cats being fed by a couple of ladies who apparently feed the cats at the Sacre Coeur every day.  Cats in Paris eat well!

This one of the priests is my favorite from the Sacre Coeur.  It’s got a hopeless vibe to it.

Next post: Angela gets in a screaming fight with a waiter, and the greatest baguette of my life, baked by a man with the devil and Jesus tattooed on either arm.



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2 responses to “Rubes in Paris: Dead Celebrities and the Sacre Coeur

  1. Becky McGrew

    Haha love that you are using “cuss” and amazing pictures -as always. Some of those graves are literally like being buried in art and the doors!

    Still laughing about the grass 🙂

  2. Danielle

    Oh my goodness!!! Clair and I ran into the same issue with those sneaky bracelet men when we were there. Thankfully we got away, but not without a few cuss words thrown our way. Oops!!!

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