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Future Project

I absolutely loved this idea that I found on the great blog, Better After.  Aside from the horrible hot pink and zebra stripes, I thought it was a genius project to get to do for a little one (heck, we know I’d be playing with this just as much as the kid.)  And depending on the sex, it could be girlified or more boyish with paint colors and the amount of fake knives 🙂

Imagine how affordable an old entertainment center would be at Goodwill or any of the other thrift stores in this town!  Those kitchen sets at stores, especially big ones are fun but all plastic-y and too many pieces to lose.  This way, you could fill the little kitchen with discarded items from your own kitchen (that I’ll teach TC to use on his/her own, of course.)  And one this size would be epic!  Just have to find room for it…maybe an outdoor grill version, haha.  Yay!  I can’t wait for our kid to be old enough to do cool stuff with.  I know, I’m rushing things 🙂  But seriously, babies don’t really do much for a few years.  I am very excited to see the personality and imagination that our kiddo will have.  I’ve mourned the loss of my imagination for years now – it will be good to get to see the world new again.




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Gifts and Phases

It’s really been exciting to receive a few gifts this early in our pregnancy.  It’s fun to know that a few people are just as giddy and having a hard time containing themselves.  One of the best parts of this being pregnant thing is how it brings people into your life in new ways.  People who have always been there, but are now there for you in new ways.  It makes me love my friends more.  Just to know of their support and excitement of how our lives are going to change. The first to give us a gift for Tiny Chef was our dear friend, Louise.  This little box came in the mail with these inside:

With a note saying, “I couldn’t resist – COULD YOU?!”  haha.  I love her.  These truly are adorable and highly impractical like all good baby fashion should be.   It made both Matt and me smile really big and get a little bit more excited.

The second gift came from Cassie.  She has a sweet boy who is already 4 months old and just getting cuter every single day.  She uses these little stickers to put on onesies and take pictures of Nixon’s growth each month:

She knows I love birds so these little owls were incredibly appropriate.  It’s hard to fathom having a baby that will be 6 months old by this time next year.

And the most recent gift is from my mom.  She came into town to visit and give some sewing lessons to us this week (which was just a good excuse for me to actually have some time with her to do things we haven’t had the opportunity to do in a long time) and she brought us this blanket that she made:

Aaaaah!  Is that not the cutest thing you’ve EVER SEEN?!  She did the stitching herself and ordered the Remy applique but she actually made the hat herself out of satin.  I love it so much.  I squealed for a really long time when I saw it and it will be one of the most special things I receive over the course of this journey.  Thank you, Mom 🙂  I know TC will love it.


It’s interesting to finally be on this side of the fence regarding the having of babies.  Granted, I have not had mine yet and haven’t even felt him/her kick, but I’m thinking differently already.  When I see a woman holding a car seat, I want to go help her carry it (those freakin’ things are heavy.)  When I see a new baby at church, I rush over to see how big, how old, how cute (or not cute) they are.  I beam at the parents in an awe-struck way.  YOU did this!  You made it through!  You had a baby!  To me, right now, it still seems very impossible that I will do that and go through all that in just a few short months (insert silent screaming here.)

The other side of the fence had two phases. The first phase was when I was completely single.  I thought nothing of babies, families, and parenting.  I was frequently annoyed by screaming children in grocery stores as I recalled “never being allowed to act that way when I was a kid!” and my eyes would glaze over with complete disinterest when someone I knew starting talking about their children.  It was just on the other side of the moon from where I currently was and understood life to be.

Second phase: the single married person.  I say it like that because for those of you who got to enjoy a few years with your mate before children came along, you’ll know – it’s like the best parts of being single mixed with getting to live with your best friend with benefits.  This second phase regarding children started off completely adamant against procreation.  Matt and I could think of no worse torture than to have a baby up until we had been married for 5 years.  I’m talking, fetal position rocking back and forth at the thought of becoming parents, against it.  Both of us.  Then, one day, after we had settled into our new house and were enjoying a night of watching TV in our living room, we just looked over at each other and said, “Okay so having kids doesn’t sound like the worst idea ever.  Does it to you?”  “No.  It sounds okay now.”  “Cool.”  “Let’s go to France first”  “Yeah, good idea”  Priorities were in line, I think. 🙂

So my thoughts on the phases:  One, when you’re in the first phase, unless you’ve just always wanted to be a mom, when your friends have babies, you really don’t care deep down.  You say, “Yay, good for you” and that’s where it ends.  In the second phase you become cautiously interested in how other families do it, how  mothers maintain themselves and their interests while producing children, how couples keep time for their relationship.

Then the third phase of it actually happening to you flips you end over end.  You see priorities very different. You begin to notice frivolities for what they are and begin to want to be better.  I’m still not one of those gushing women who wants to talk babies/pregnancy all the time.  In fact, I get a little exhausted when someone wants to.  I haven’t even let it sink in fully.  My pet peeve is when other mothers say, “You just wait, you won’t EVER sleep and you will OBSESS over your child and you will WORRY all the time and YOU JUST DON’T KNOW IT YET!”  Oh fun, let me talk to you some more!  Maybe they say this because misery loves company?  Because they find it fascinating to watch what happened to them happen to someone else?  I don’t know.  But they should try to revamp their pep talks just a bit.  Try to focus on the positive.  I keep the friends very close who speak positively and realistically about their parenting journeys.  And I’d like to take this time to say that I will try my best to remain level even after baby gets here.  Start running again, keep up crafts, keep pushing to do better with my business, put Matt and our relationship as first priority over the baby.  Easier said than done, I realize and of course, I’ll need pushing and inspiration from everyone still in phases 1 and 2 and 4 (the been there, done that group.)




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There’s a lot of new life springing up around here…

The tree outside our house is in full bloom.  The bees are buzzing around it constantly and I encourage it every day to give us the amount of apricots we got last year.  It was so awesome to make all that jam and really feel in tune with nature.  This year will especially be fun for me, as I will be able to make some late-season jam with this little guy or gal strapped to my back:

(Be sure to click that sonogram for a special message from Matt.  Wait for the song to get going)

Yep, that’s right.  Right around my 30th birthday this year, I will have our first baby.  It’s crazy to even say it but I’m 11 weeks along (the sonogram is from 7 weeks) and Tiny Chef (its nickname for now) will be here September 21st.  In 8 more weeks we’ll know if it’s a boy or girl.  Then the fun will really begin.  Matt and I are thrilled and have spent the last 6 years of our marriage really getting ready for this time in our lives.  We are ready and here it comes! 🙂


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