Future Project

I absolutely loved this idea that I found on the great blog, Better After.  Aside from the horrible hot pink and zebra stripes, I thought it was a genius project to get to do for a little one (heck, we know I’d be playing with this just as much as the kid.)  And depending on the sex, it could be girlified or more boyish with paint colors and the amount of fake knives 🙂

Imagine how affordable an old entertainment center would be at Goodwill or any of the other thrift stores in this town!  Those kitchen sets at stores, especially big ones are fun but all plastic-y and too many pieces to lose.  This way, you could fill the little kitchen with discarded items from your own kitchen (that I’ll teach TC to use on his/her own, of course.)  And one this size would be epic!  Just have to find room for it…maybe an outdoor grill version, haha.  Yay!  I can’t wait for our kid to be old enough to do cool stuff with.  I know, I’m rushing things 🙂  But seriously, babies don’t really do much for a few years.  I am very excited to see the personality and imagination that our kiddo will have.  I’ve mourned the loss of my imagination for years now – it will be good to get to see the world new again.




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2 responses to “Future Project

  1. Ashley

    Oh, what fun! I’ll have to send this to my Dad. He’s the carpenter of the family. I have no idea where we would put this, but perhaps a new playroom is in order (say, in the carriage house?)!

  2. Tira

    Way cool! Very creative.

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