Things I want to accomplish in 2012:

  1. Learn how to roller blade.  I don’t know how to do any kind of activity that involves making my feet go faster than they should.  This includes skiing of all terrains (snow, water),  skating – ice or roller, and running.  Running had a short but glorious stint that started and ended in kindergarten.  It lasted long enough for me to come in first in the 50 yard dash.
  2. Keep up guitar.  I’m really enjoying it and far too many new moms give the mom excuse for quitting things they used to love doing.
  3. Read at least 5 books – real books, not baby or self-help or cookbooks.  5 might seem low to you, but I’m a VERY easily distracted reader, although I do love reading.  And with a new baby needing my services every few hours, I will have even more distractions.  But I want to keep reading so that I can keep participating in the outside world.
  4. Drop baby weight plus 20 more.  This will take me back down to where I was before 2011 began and I stayed pregnant all year.  Of course I need to lose more, but I want to keep realistic goals.
  5. Have a baby that is happy and sleeps through the night by 3 months.  Oh, it CAN be done.  I’ve read Baby Wise.  Feel free to not comment on this one, especially if you’re a mom ; )  I don’t like my dreams beat down right away.
  6. Book 6 more weddings.  I already have 6 in the books for 2012, but I’d like 12 .  Seems like a good number for me for a year with a new baby.  I also want to focus more on doing just weddings and get better at them.
  7. I want to stick to my resolution to take one day at a time.  I get so caught up in worrying about the future that I find myself fretting for hours at a time about things I have absolutely no control over!  I see the potential, if not addressed, for this habit to really wreak havoc on my new family.  No one wants or needs a mom who worries about every little thing and from what I’ve heard, babies can feel anxiety whether you state your worries out loud or not!   This resolution should just be called: Be More Like Matt

I think 7 is enough.  If I kept going for making it to 10’s sake, I’d just start putting things like, “make my bed every day!” So I stop here.  Hold me to these!  What are your goals for this year?



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6 responses to “2012

  1. matt

    I think these are great! Have you picked out your 5 books?

    Still not sure about what I want to do this year…

  2. Paul Allen Hunton

    1. Half Iron Man in June
    2. Write a book
    3. Win a (regional) Emmy
    4. Finish my now in progress documentary
    5. Live, love, and laugh like it’s the last year of my life that way Tim McGraw can know he was right about me. 😉

  3. Paul Allen Hunton


  4. Shannon

    I like your goals, and number five is possible! I don’t know what the book says, but both of mine were sleeping from 9pm to 9 am at around 1 month. I don’t have a secret to share though; I just happened that way. It is possible though 🙂
    My goals for this year are a little cliche…be better with money and lose 40 lbs. I think that will be acheivable. Good Luck and Love you!

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