Best Baby Shower Ever

So I have pretty amazing friends.  This Saturday, they threw me such a lovely, kind and thoughtful shower.  At one point I was afraid I’d never finish opening all the gifts.  There were so many awesome people there, so many friends from all different areas of life and if I could do anything over, I would have taken a pic with each guest who came.  Why didn’t I do this?!  I took a lot of pics of my own shower, because I knew a few gift-opening shots wouldn’t be enough for me.

Me and Blanche.  We worked in the trenches together at Gourmet Pantry 🙂 She is such a lovely person and I’m so glad she’s in our life!

The awesome corsage Kelle made me 🙂  She assured me that a corsage from her wouldn’t be stuffy.  It so wasn’t 🙂

Sweet little Olive cake that Cassie made!

Adorable owl cookies made by Louise

A “mommy advice” tree – so cute!

Adorable party favors made by Anna and Libby

My favorite cream cheese mints made by Louise.

One of the many GORGEOUS arrangements made by Kelle.  They were everywhere, but I sadly didn’t see them all till they came home with me that night.


The FOOD!  Made by Becky and everything was delicious.  I heard a friend say, “Best shower food ever”  I think Becky could be a caterer!

Libs helping Becky

Shannon’s cutie idea for the water bottles 🙂

GAH!  Some of my favorite people on the planet!  Look how good we color-coordinate!

Two of the sweetest women on earth.  I did Megan’s wedding a few years ago!  Her mom, Carol is master-quilter and an amazingly Godly woman that I am honored to call a friend.

Shannon and the unstoppable cuteness that is Lucy Mereness

Opening a blanket from my mom.  My sweet friend, Cassie writing everything down that we received.  A tall order!  Thanks, Cass!

The hostess gift – one of the coolest high chairs ever!  Doubles as an infant cradle of sorts.  Can raise to kitchen counter heights – very needed for Matt and me!

Look how gorgeous my friends are!  These are 9 of the most  giving, happy, helpful, Godly, protecting friends a girl could ask for and they were all my hostesses!  Not pictured is the equally wonderful Louise Shoemaker.  We sure missed her presence, but she had obligations at home that she had to tend to.  I need to photoshop her in here 🙂

The adorable sign Shannon had made.  We love you all!

Another sweet part of this day was Mom and Dad bringing the crib up from Portales that Dad made.  He and Matt installed it while we were at the shower.  It means so much to me that he has worked hours and hours by himself in his shop to build this for me.  I love you, Dad!  I am by NO means done with the nursery, but once I am, it will be its own post 🙂  My mom has also worked so hard on the bedding, so I can’t wait to get it all set up and pics taken to show off her work as well!  And gift pics are coming, too!  I just wanted to put up a few highlights from my shower.  All the rest of the shower pics are on my facebook page!



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2 responses to “Best Baby Shower Ever

  1. Ashley

    Oh, I wish I could have been there. What a lovely, creative bunch of guests! I have a little something for Olive coming your way this week. I’m so excited for you and Matt!

  2. Libby

    It was such a blessing to see all those faces that came to celebrate sweet Olive-you have some awesome people in your life that will be great influences in her life. I love you, Matt and (already!) Olive SO much and am so happy for y’all!! I absolutely cannot wait to meet her and hold her for the first time and tell her about some of our shenanigans!! Love you friend!!!

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