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Thoughts on being a mom to a little girl

Found this draft that I wrote before Olive was born that I never finished:

Just feeling really blessed by my mom.  She is a woman of God and she calms my fears – not by telling me everything is going to be alright, because that’s a lie.  But by reminding me that God is walking beside me and hurts when I hurt and relishes in my happiness.  If I can be that type of reminder to my little girl, everything else will fall into place.

Things she will do because I do, and the best way to teach is by example:

Twirl her hair
Bite her nails
Close her eyes when she sings
Criticize …everything (gotta work on that one)
Be completely in love with Matt
Love to bake

I just wanted to get this posted because it was a nice thought and I never blog anymore.  In the middle of editing 1,000+ photos this week, I can’t help but be the most proud of this one:

Olive, dear, I pray for you every day that above everything else, that you have compassion for others and wisdom to help yourself and everyone you meet.   I pray that you care for nothing more in this life than to help those in need and show the love of Christ to the hurting, to friend the friendless and cook for the hungry.  I want all the other fun stuff for you, too, but ultimately, I pray for your character and your relationship with God to surpass anything I’ve ever known.  Maybe together, we can grow closer to Him.



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