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La Vie en Rose

So we’ll be heading off in about an hour – just wanted to post a few pics of where we’ll be.

We’ll start off here: Beynac

Then we’ll go to the market in Sarlat on Saturday:

Then to Amboise to see some castles like this one:

Then on to see Mont St. Michel

where we’ll stay in this lady’s house:

La Jacotiere

Then on to Honfleur to spend the night and see the Normandy Beaches the next day:

D-Day Beaches (I’m already getting sad thinking about this one):

Then, down to a little town called Falaise where they specialize in Apple Brandy and Camembert cheese:

And then, off to Paris!  Where we get to eat at some amazing places like:


and Le Chateaubriand (the no. 11 restaurant in the world, and affordable!)

and we’ll get to see my dear friend, Angela, who will show us around for a day and eat dinner with us at a cute little mom and pop place called Le Felteau.

Then I’ll get to stand on the same street Edith Piaf did, singing for her life:

I can’t even begin to comprehend that all of these places  exist, much less that I’ll get to see them with my own eyes.  And then I’ll come back and write a blog with my OWN pictures of these places.  Au revoir for now – wish you could all share a croissant du chocolat with me.



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