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New Photo Blog

From now on, all of my recent wedding/portrait work will appear on  I wanted a separate place for photography so I could keep this blog more just food, food photos, general what’s-up, etc.  So put it on your blog rolls, faithful 5!  🙂


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Leah’s Bridal Shoot

My friend, Leah, is getting married in June and she flew me out to Austin last Monday to do both her bridal and engagement shoot in the same day.  The engagement shoot will be a post for tomorrow, but today I wanted to get up some of my favorite shots from her bridals.  We shot at The Plantation House – a very sweet family owns it and rents it out for use for weddings and such.  We had more than enough options for backgrounds and set-ups.  I couldn’t have had it easier – what with the variety and such a beautiful subject to shoot!  I had an even bigger blast later that day with both Leah and her fiancee, John.  Such a good couple – always gives me a good feeling when I do a wedding for a couple you just know will last. 🙂


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