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Halley – September 2004-March 2013


Our cat very unexpectedly had to be put down today due to a bad cancer in her intestines that we only discovered this morning, after about a week of noticing she had no appetite. The vet deemed it basically inoperable.

Halley loved getting scratched on the bald spots on her head. She loved icing and cereal milk (the only thing she showed interest in eating besides her food.) She loved sleeping in the window light and she loved a good, fuzzy blanket to curl up in. She was a gift to Matt before we were even married and kept him company by sleeping on his shoulder as a kitten (and of course, randomly attacking his face when he’d open his eyes, haha.) We rescued her from the Lubbock Animal Hospital because they told us no one would adopt a black cat on Halloween 🙂 I am thankful that last night, she let Olive pet her for the first time. Olive’s first word was “kee-ka” and she said, “HI!” to Halley before anyone else. 🙂

She was totally crazy, elusive, wild-eyed, and hardly a friend to anyone other than us. But she was OUR crazy cat. She was there for 9 years and went through everything we did. She was a permanent fixture in our home and her constant presence will be missed.


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